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Is there a JavaScript library which allow me to perform all the REST operation like (GET, POST, PUT and DELETE over HTTP or HTTPS)?



You don't really need a specific client, it's fairly simple with most libraries. For example in jQuery you can just call the generic $.ajax function with the type of request you want to make:

    url: '',
    type: 'PUT',
    data: 'ID=1&Name=John&Age=10', // or $('#myform').serializeArray()
    success: function() { alert('PUT completed'); }

You can replace PUT with GET/POST/DELETE or whatever.


While you may wish to use a library, such as the excellent jQuery, you don't have to: all modern browsers support HTTP very well in their JavaScript implementations via the XMLHttpRequest API, which, despite its name, is not limited to XML representations.

Here's an example of making a synchronous HTTP PUT request in JavaScript:

var url = "http://host/path/to/resource";
var representationOfDesiredState = "The cheese is old and moldy, where is the bathroom?";

var client = new XMLHttpRequest();"PUT", url, false);

client.setRequestHeader("Content-Type", "text/plain");


if (client.status == 200)
    alert("The request succeeded!\n\nThe response representation was:\n\n" + client.responseText)
    alert("The request did not succeed!\n\nThe response status was: " + client.status + " " + client.statusText + ".");

This example is synchronous because that makes it a little easier, but it's quite easy to make asynchronous requests using this API as well.

There are thousands of pages and articles on the web about learning XmlHttpRequest — they usually use the term AJAX – unfortunately I can't recommend a specific one. You may find this reference handy though.


You can use this jQuery plugin I just made :)

Supports basic CRUD operations, nested resources, basic auth

  var client = new $.RestClient('/api/rest/');

  // POST /api/rest/foo/ (with data a=21 and b=42);
  // GET /api/rest/foo/"42");
  // GET /api/rest/foo/42/"42");
  // PUT /api/rest/foo/42/"42");
  // DELETE /api/rest/foo/42/

  //RESULTS USE '$.Deferred' {
    alert('Hooray ! I have ' + foos.length + 'foos !' );

If you find bugs or want new features, post them in the repositories 'Issues' page please


jQuery has JSON-REST plugin with REST style of URI parameter templates. According to its description example of using is the followin: $.Read("/{b}/{a}", { a:'foo', b:'bar', c:3 }) becomes a GET to "/bar/foo?c=3".


For reference I want to add about ExtJS, as explained in Manual: RESTful Web Services. In short, use method to specify GET, POST, PUT, DELETE. Example:

    url: '/articles/restful-web-services',
    method: 'PUT',
    params: {
        author: 'Patrick Donelan',
        subject: 'RESTful Web Services are easy with Ext!'

If the Accept header is necessary, it can be set as a default for all requests:

Ext.Ajax.defaultHeaders = {
    'Accept': 'application/json'

You can also use mvc frameworks like Backbone.js that will provide a javascript model of the data. Changes to the model will be translated into REST calls.


Dojo does, e.g. via JsonRestStore, see .


You can try restful.js, a framework-agnostic RESTful client, using a syntax similar to the popular Restangular.


You can use which has

  1. Rest API support
  2. Built in support for many sites google, facebook, dropbox
  3. It supports oAuth 1 and 2 support.


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