ES6 exporting/importing in index file

I am currently using ES6 in an React app via webpack/babel. I am using index files to gather all components of a module and export them. Unfortunately, that looks like this:

import Comp1_ from './Comp1.jsx';
import Comp2_ from './Comp2.jsx';
import Comp3_ from './Comp3.jsx';

export const Comp1 = Comp1_;
export const Comp2 = Comp2_;
export const Comp3 = Comp3_;

So I can nicely import it from other places like this:

import { Comp1, Comp2, Comp3 } from './components';

Obviously that isn't a very nice solution, so I was wondering, if there was any other way. I don't seem to able to export the imported component directly.



You can easily re-export the default import:

export {default as Comp1} from './Comp1.jsx';
export {default as Comp2} from './Comp2.jsx';
export {default as Comp3} from './Comp3.jsx';

There also is a proposal for ES7 ES8 that will let you write export Comp1 from '…';.


Also, bear in mind that if you need to export multiple functions at once, like actions you can use

export * from './XThingActions';

Too late but I want to share the way that I resolve it.

Having model file which has two named export:

export { Schema, Model };

and having controller file which has the default export:

export default Controller;

I exposed in the index file in this way:

import { Schema, Model } from './model';
import Controller from './controller';

export { Schema, Model, Controller };

and assuming that I want import all of them:

import { Schema, Model, Controller } from '../../path/';

Install @babel/plugin-proposal-export-default-from via:

yarn add -D @babel/plugin-proposal-export-default-from

In your .babelrc.json or any of the Configuration File Types

module.exports = {
  plugins: [

Now you can export directly from a file-path:

export Foo from './components/Foo'
export Bar from './components/Bar'

Good Luck...



// Default export (recommended)
export {default} from './MyClass' 

// Default export with alias
export {default as d1} from './MyClass' 

// In >ES7, it could be
export * from './MyClass'

// In >ES7, with alias
export * as d1 from './MyClass'

Or by functions names :

// export by function names
export { funcName1, funcName2, …} from './MyClass'

// export by aliases
export { funcName1 as f1, funcName2 as f2, …} from './MyClass'

More infos:


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