VueJs - bind input to url param

I would like to bind an input field to a route param in vue.js.

<input v-model="$route.params.query"/>

Is it possible?



The most straight-forward way I found was the following:

<input v-model="foo" />


data() {
    return {
        foo: this.$
watch: {
    foo(newVal) {
        this.$router.push({ query: { ...this.$route.query, foo: newVal } });
    '$': function(val) { = val;

Edit 2019-08-16: added watch for $route to react to back navigation.


Yes, it is possible. In my code, I have a <select> element on change of which I want to append the selected value to url as query. So, I have done like this:
My previous URL was:


<select class="form-control" v-on:change="appendQueryToUrl" v-model="filterData.genre">

methods: {
      appendQueryToUrl() {
          this.$router.push({query: {genre: this.filterData.genre}})

Where genre is my key and this.filterData.genre is my local object value. Now my url looks like:


Thanks and inform me if any error.


A bit of time has passed, but since the docs say "it is often a better idea to use a computed property rather than an imperative watch callback" I thought I would add this pattern which I tested successfully and also looks more elegant IMHO.

The idea is to use a computed property linked to the query param with explicit get and set methods and bind the input with v-model to that property.

So in your template:

<input v-model="query_param"/>

Then in your computed properties:

computed: {
  query_param: {
      get() {
        return this.$route.query.your_query_param
      set(value) {
        /*  Here I use replace so that you're not actually 
        pushing a new page to the history stack */

          query: { your_query_param: value }

This of course would work for a single query parameter. If you have multiple inputs you want to bind to different parameters just put additional computed properties in the same way.


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