How do I run gulp eslint continuously and automatically while fixing files — how to set up watch

I am trying eslint with gulp. I have set up a task like this:

            gulp.task('lint', function () {
                return gulp.src([

                    // eslint() attaches the lint output to the eslint property 
                    // of the file object so it can be used by other modules. 
                    // eslint.format() outputs the lint results to the console. 
                    // Alternatively use eslint.formatEach() (see Docs). 
                    // To have the process exit with an error code (1) on 
                    // lint error, return the stream and pipe to failOnError last. 

when I run gulp lint It tells me a lot of errors. Now I am trying to fix them one by one. But I have to re-run gulp lint manually for it to give me an updated report. How do I set it up so that it will automatically re-run every time I update 'components/myjs.js'?



Just add a watch task:

gulp.task('watch', function() {'components/myjs.js', ['lint']);

This way Gulp will track any changes on your 'components/myjs.js' and execute your 'lint' task on any change

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