getting file size in javascript

given a path of a file like:
how can i get the size of the file in javascript?



If it's not a local application powered by JavaScript with full access permissions, you can't get the size of any file just from the path name. Web pages running javascript do not have access to the local filesystem for security reasons.

You can use a graceful degrading file uploader like SWFUpload if you want to show a progress bar. HTML5 also has the File API, but that is not widely supported just yet. If a user selects the file for an input[type=file] element, you can get details about the file from the files collection:


If you could access the file system of a user with javascript, image the bad that could happen.

However, you can use File System Object but this will work only in IE:


You cannot.

JavaScript cannot access files on the local computer for security reasons, even to check their size.

The only thing you can do is use JavaScript to submit the form with the file field to a server-side script, which can then measure its size and return it.


Try this one.

function showFileSize() {
  let file = document.getElementById("file").files[0];
  if(file) {
    alert(file.size + " in bytes"); 
  } else { 
    alert("select a file... duh"); 
<input type="file" id="file"/>
<button onclick="showFileSize()">show file size</button>


You cannot as there is no file input/output in Javascript. See here for a similar question posted.


To get the file size of pages on the web I built a javascript bookmarklet to do the trick. It alerts the size in kb's. Change the alert to a prompt if you want to copy the filesize.

Here's the bookmarklet code for the alert.

<a href="javascript:a=document.getElementsByTagName('HTML')[0].outerHTML;b=a.length/1024;c=Math.round(b);alert(c+' kb');">Doc Size</a>

Here's the bookmarklet code for the prompt.

<a href="javascript:a=document.getElementsByTagName('HTML')[0].outerHTML;b=a.length/1024;c=Math.round(b);prompt('Page Size',c+' kb');">Doc Size</a>

See it in action at

function findSize() {
    var fileInput =  document.getElementById("fUpload");
        alert(fileInput.files[0].size); // Size returned in bytes.
        var objFSO = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
        var e = objFSO.getFile( fileInput.value);
        var fileSize = e.size;

You can't get the file size of local files with javascript in a standard way using a web browser.

But if the file is accessible from a remote path, you might be able to send a HEAD request using Javascript, and read the Content-length header, depending on the webserver


You could probably try this to get file sizes in kB and MB Until the file size in bytes would be upto 7 digits, the outcome would be in kbs. 7 seems to be the magic number here. After which, if the bytes would have 7 to 10 digits, we would have to divide it by 10**3(n) where n is the appending action . This pattern would repeat for every 3 digits added.

let fileSize = myInp.files[0].size.toString();

if(fileSize.length < 7) return `${Math.round(+fileSize/1024).toFixed(2)}kb`
    return `${(Math.round(+fileSize/1024)/1000).toFixed(2)}MB`


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