call function inside $sce.trustAsHtml() string in Angular js

I am developing an app using Angularjs and adding HTML using $sce.trustAsHtml() in my page. I want to call a function in above dynamically added content. My html and script as below.


<div ng-app="ngBindHtmlExample">
  <div ng-controller="ngBindHtmlCtrl">
   <p ng-bind-html="myHTML"></p>


angular.module('ngBindHtmlExample', ['ngSanitize'])

.controller('ngBindHtmlCtrl', ['$scope','$sce', function ngBindHtmlCtrl($scope, $sce) {
  $scope.myHTML =$sce.trustAsHtml(
     'I am an <code>HTML</code>string with <a href="#" ng-mouseover="removeExp()">links!</a> and other <em>stuff</em>');

    $scope.removeExp = function (){


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It's a bit tricky because ng-bind-html will simply insert plain old html and not bother compiling it (so any directives in the html will not be processed by angular.

The trick is finding a way to compile whenever the template changes. For example, you could create a directive that does this. It would look something like:

.directive('compileTemplate', function($compile, $parse){
    return {
        link: function(scope, element, attr){
            var parsed = $parse(attr.ngBindHtml);
            function getStringValue() { return (parsed(scope) || '').toString(); }

            //Recompile if the template changes
            scope.$watch(getStringValue, function() {
                $compile(element, null, -9999)(scope);  //The -9999 makes it skip directives so that we do not recompile ourselves

You can then use it like this:

<p ng-bind-html="myHTML" compile-template></p>

See the working example here:


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