How can I do multi-parameter queries using Google Chrome custom search engines?

I am migrating from Firefox to Chrome and I haven't been able to copy or emulate my multiple criteria queries. In Firefox it works as a breeze using a javascript script that I have found here but after a lot of testing I think is not possible to implement in Chrome. Take a look at my modified version for converting currency:

javascript:var s='%s'; url=''; t=''; qc=0; chunks=url.split('%s'); for(i=0; i<s.length; i++){if(s.charAt(i)=='"')qc=qc^1; t+=((s.charAt(i)==' '&&qc)?'^':s.charAt(i)); }args=t.split(/\s/); nurl=''; for(i=0; i<chunks.length; i++){nurl+=chunks[i]; if(args[i]!=undefined) {args[i]=args[i].replace(/\^/g,' '); nurl+=args[i]; }}location.replace(nurl,'< BR>');



. . Sadly this functionality was intentionally disabled, as per this bug report on Chromium (see comment #3).

. . If you want to replicate that functionality, you need to use the Omnibox API. Check for an example. It is very easy to adapt the sample code for your needs.


Chrome has supported this since at least the date of your question. Here is how I do it:

javascript: (function(){
var s='%s';
for(i=0; i<schunks.length; i++)query+=urlchunks[i]+schunks[i];
  1. You can use any URL that has more than one paramenter, which takes more than one argument.
  2. To use from omnibox: search word(s);search word(s)


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