How to recover unsaved JS changes in JSFiddle with infinite loop? [duplicate]

I accidentally created an infinite loop in JSFiddle, so the page is unresponsive. I haven't saved in a while, so I don't want to reload and lose changes. I'm using Chrome, but it's been twenty minutes and Chrome hasn't yet caught the loop and given me a chance to end the script.

I do have the developer console open, but it isn't very responsive. Does Chrome have a local copy of my code somewhere on the hard drive?



What worked for me: I clicked on a bookmark to go forward, and leave the page. Then I was able to hit the back button and it retained everything for me. If I had refreshed or killed the page I would have lost everything. If you don't have a bookmark bar (and clicking on links in the page doesn't work because it's stuck) you might try adding a URL to the address bar to go forward a page, then you can go back.


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