Calling C# component from JavaScript in Windows 10 Universal App

I'm trying to use Windows Runtime Component (C#) in my Windows 10 Universal App (JavaScript). I found how to do that in Windows 8.x store apps: but this solution is not working with Windows 10 Universal App. It is throwing exception that class is not registered in the JavaScript.

WRC code:

namespace SampleComponent
    public sealed class Example
        public static string GetAnswer() 
            return "The answer is 42."; 

        public int SampleProperty { get; set; }

In JS:

 document.getElementById('output').innerHTML =



The any CPU mode is not available (by default) if you develop a Windows 10 app written with XAML/C# or an app written with HTML/JS using a WinRT component written with C# because of the ".Net native"

You have to target the good platform :)


After some research I found that this problem occurs when building in Any CPU mode. For x86/x64 it is working properly. This solution is enough for me at this moment. I will post more information here if I found how to run it on other platforms.


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