Convert JSON string to array of JSON objects in Javascript

I would like to convert this string


to array of 2 JSON objects. How should I do it?




Using jQuery:

var str = '{"id":1,"name":"Test1"},{"id":2,"name":"Test2"}';
var jsonObj = $.parseJSON('[' + str + ']');

jsonObj is your JSON object.


As Luca indicated, add extra [] to your string and use the code below:

var myObject = eval('(' + myJSONtext + ')');

to test it you can use the snippet below.

var s =" [{'id':1,'name':'Test1'},{'id':2,'name':'Test2'}]";
var myObject = eval('(' + s + ')');
for (i in myObject)

hope it helps..


As simple as that.

var str = '{"id":1,"name":"Test1"},{"id":2,"name":"Test2"}';
 dataObj = JSON.parse(str);

Append extra an [ and ] to the beginning and end of the string. This will make it an array. Then use eval() or some safe JSON serializer to serialize the string and make it a real JavaScript datatype.

You should use instead of eval(). eval is only if you're doing some quick debugging/testing.


If your using jQuery, it's parseJSON function can be used and is preferable to JavaScript's native eval() function.


I know a lot of people are saying use eval. the eval() js function will call the compiler, and that can offer a series of security risks. It is best to avoid its usage where possible. The parse function offers a more secure alternative.


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