how to remove css property using javascript?

is it possible to remove a CSS property of an element using JavaScript ? e.g. I have = 1.2, now i want to remove the zoom property through JavaScript ?



Typically You cannot remove properties from built-in objects like that, and certainly not in IE (the zoom attribute of the style object is a IE extension)

You can set it to the default value: = "";

the effective zoom will now be whatever follows from the definitions set in the stylesheets (through link and style tags)

So this syntax will only modify the local style of this element.


removeProperty will remove a style from an element.


MDN documentation page:


You can use the styleSheets object:


Caveat #1: You have to know the index of your stylesheet and the index of your rule.

Caveat #2: This object is implemented inconsistently by the browsers; what works in one may not work in the others.

Answer = null;


<div style="height:100px;"> 
// results: 
<div style="">

You can try finding all elements that have this class and setting the "zoom" property to "nothing".

If you are using jQuery javascript library, you can do it with $(".the_required_class").css("zoom","")

Edit: Removed this statement as it turned out to not be true, as pointed out in a comment and other answers it has indeed been possible since 2010.

False: there is no generally known way for modifying stylesheets from JavaScript.


actually, if you already know the property, this will do it...

for example:

<a href="test.html" style="color:white;zoom:1.2" id="MyLink"></a>

    var txt = "";
    txt = getStyle(InterTabLink);
    setStyle(InterTabLink, txt.replace("zoom\:1\.2\;","");

    function setStyle(element, styleText){
  "cssText", styleText );
            element.setAttribute("style", styleText );

    /* getStyle function */
    function getStyle(element){
        var styleText = element.getAttribute('style');
        if(styleText == null)
            return "";
        if (typeof styleText == 'string') // !IE
            return styleText;
        else  // IE
            return styleText.cssText;

Note that this only works for inline styles... not styles you've specified through a class or something like that...

Other note: you may have to escape some characters in that replace statement, but you get the idea.


To change all classes for an element:

document.getElementById("ElementID").className = "CssClass";

To add an additional class to an element:

document.getElementById("ElementID").className += " CssClass";

To check if a class is already applied to an element:

if ( document.getElementById("ElementID").className.match(/(?:^|\s)CssClass(?!\S)/) )

You can also do this in jQuery by saying $(selector).css("zoom", "")


This should do the trick - setting the inline style to normal for zoom:

$('div').attr("style", "zoom:normal;");


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