How to integrate Angular.js with a realtime messaging service like Pusher or PubNub?

Is it possible to define Pusher or PubNub as an Angular Service? Does someone have code examples of such an integration?



Someone already made it :-):

Be sure to check out the wiki for examples:


There is AngularFire, for working with Firebase -


Try this one. It has color changing, emoticons, clickable hyperlinks and multiple channels. No database or sockets required, just a PubNub account:


There is a somewhat "unofficial" AngularJS library for PubNub. It is a simple service wrapper for the global PUBNUB library object. The main code is in app/scripts/ and looks like this:

angular.module('pubnub.angular.service', [])
  .factory 'PubNub', () -> PUBNUB

You can find the GitHub repository here:


Try this:, module for integration pusher events into angular event system


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