Javascript's `window.resizeTo` isn't working

I'm trying to create a bookmarklet to do some very specific resizing to do browser size testing, and I can't seem to get the web browser to resize using window.resizeTo.

Overly simplified example that doesn't work:


I can understand that browsers might have disabled this feature, but here's a screenshot of my JavaScript Settings in Firefox:

Advanced JavaScript Settings clearly displaying the "Move or resize existing windows" option as checked

Am I missing something obvious or should I file a bug report?



According to this bug report, this is a new feature, not a bug. Specifically:

Two rules:

  1. Can't resize a window/tab that hasn't been created by
  2. Can't resize a tab if the tab is in a window with more than one tab.

If I understand this "fix" correctly, you can resize only your own popup windows, not the main window.


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