Inspect while debugging Chrome extension

Chrome DevTools has a handy inspector for Local Storage and Session Storage, but is there nothing to inspect

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chrome://sync-internals/ doesn't seem to display the actual contents of the synchronized storage per extension.



A poor workaround is to call get and obtain all the stored values. Of course, this doesn't let you conveniently edit them:, function callback(items) { console.log(items) });
  1. Visit chrome://sync-internals/
  2. Click Sync Node Browser tab and wait for it to load (may give a blank screen or in progress cursor)
  3. Click expansion triangle in the sidebar for Extension settings
  4. Click on individual settings in the sidebar to see their values and other metadata

screenshot of Sync Internals page


Storage Area Explorer extension provides a UI for viewing, editing, clearing, importing and exporting of,, localStorage and sessionStorage:



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