Save a pre element as PDF with CSS

I made a syntax highlighter and I want an option to save as a PDF. I've looked at this SO question, but downloading it doesn’t preserve the CSS styling, which ruins the point of downloading the highlighted file. Is there a way I can save my pre element as a PDF while maintaining the CSS?


<pre id='output'> (highlighted portion) </pre>
<button id='save'>Save as PDF</button>


  //this is what I need help with

As you may have noticed, I'm using jQuery, if that matters.



Try opening new window , appending pre html , style , if any for pre element, to new window document.body , calling .focus() , .print() on new window ; select system print dialog, select "Print to file"

$("#save").click(function() {
  var text = $("#output")[0].outerHTML;
  // `styles`: `style` element; 
  // or `String` "<style>.light{color:#0af;}</style>" ;
  // alternatively , add `style` attribute to `pre` element directly,
  // e.g., `<pre style="color:#0af;">`
  var styles = $("style")[0].outerHTML;
  var popup ="", "popup");
  // append `text`:`pre` element `styles`:`style` element
  // at `popup` `document.body`
  popup.document.body.innerHTML = text + styles;



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