In angular 2 how to preserve query params and add additional query params to route

For example I am on route /cars?type=coupe and I want to navigate to the same endpoint with additional query params (but keeping existing one). I am trying something like this

<a [routerLink]="['/cars']" [queryParams]="{model: 'renault'}" preserveQueryParams>Click</a>

The initial query params are preserved (type=cars) but added ones (model=renault) are ignored. Is this expected/correct behavior or is some kind of bug? Looks like preserveQueryParams has priority over queryParams? Is there any other smooth solution?



In Angular 4+, preserveQueryParams have been deprecated in favor of queryParamsHandling. The options are either 'merge' or 'preserve'.

In-code example (used in NavigationExtras):

this.router.navigate(['somewhere'], { queryParamsHandling: "preserve" });

In-template example:

<a [routerLink]="['somewhere']" queryParamsHandling="merge">

It just works this way unfortunately:

const q = preserveQueryParams ? this.currentUrlTree.queryParams : queryParams;

You could try to add custom directive like this:

@Directive({selector: 'a[routerLink][merge]'})
export class RouterLinkDirective implements OnInit

    queryParams: {[k: string]: any};

    preserveQueryParams: boolean;

    constructor(private link:RouterLinkWithHref, private route: ActivatedRoute )

    public ngOnInit():void
    { = Object.assign(Object.assign({}, this.route.snapshot.queryParams),;

<a [routerLink]="['/cars']" merge [queryParams]="{model: 'renault'}">Click</a>

Update: See DarkNeuron answer below.


There is an open issue and also already a pull request to make preserveQueryParams a router setting instead of a per navigation setting


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