AngularJS Directives: Change $scope not reflected in UI

I'm trying to making some custom elements with AngularJS's and bind some events to it, then I notice $scope.var won't update UI when used in a binding function.

Here is a simplified example that describing the probelm:


<!doctype html>
<html ng-app="test">
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src="script.js"></script>


<div ng-controller="Ctrl2">
  <br />
  <button ng-click="a()">A</button>
  <button my-button>B</button>




function Ctrl2($scope) {
    $scope.result = 'Click Button to change this string';
    $scope.a = function (e) {
        $scope.result = 'A';
    $scope.b = function (e) {
        $scope.result = 'B';

var mod = angular.module('test', []);

mod.directive('myButton', function () {
    return function (scope, element, attrs) {
        //change scope.result from here works
        //But not in bind functions
        //scope.result = 'B';
        element.bind('click', scope.b);


Basicly, I bind click event to my-button and want to change $scope.result when user clicked button B (similar to ng-click:a() on button A). But the view won't update to the new $scope.result if I do this way.

What did I do wrong? Thanks.



Event handlers are called "outside" Angular, so although your $scope properties will be updated, the view will not update because Angular doesn't know about these changes.

Call $scope.$apply() at the bottom of your event handler. This will cause a digest cycle to run, and Angular will notice the changes you made to the $scope (because of the $watches that Angular set up due to using {{ ... }} in your HTML) and update the view.


This might be also a result of different problem but with the same symptoms.

If you destroy a parent scope of the one that is assigned to the view, its changes will not affect the view in any way even after $apply() call. See the example - you can change the view value through the text input, but when you click Destroy parent scope!, model is not updated anymore.

I do not consider this as a bug. It is rather result of too hacky code in application :-)

I faced this problem when using Angular Bootstrap's modal. I tried to open second modal with scope of the first one. Then, I immediately closed the first modal which caused the parent scope to be destroyed.


use timeout

$timeout(function () { code.... }, 0);


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