Using Javascript inside a PDF [closed]

Where can I find Documentation on running Javascript inside a PDF?

I've never added a javascript action inside a pdf. However, I've done quite a bit of web development using javascript. I have a few questions to whoever has any familiarity with javascript inside a PDF.

NitroPDF and Adobe Acrobat definitely support javascript in PDFs. Is there a standard on various objects that exist and functions to manipulate a pdf via javascript? Everything I've found so far has been from Adobe. Anywhere else seems to reference Adobe's docs. Is there a standard out there, or is Adobe just the "de Facto" standard ?

Also, Do all PDF Viewers support javascript actions?

The best docs on using javascript inside a pdf document that I could find was from Adobe - Adobe :: Acrobat Javascript Scripting Guide.

NitroPDF has this link - NitroPDF :: Javascript in PDF Files, but it basically just says it supports what Adobe has.

I also found this link from Scribus - Scribus :: How to enhance your PDF forms with JavaScript, but this only includes a few small snippets of code. Nothing super useful.

Adobe has docs on how you can set breakpoints etc... for javascript using their IDE. Is it possible to run javascript in a pdf using another IDE and have breakpoints etc...? Would be awesome to find something as cool as Firebug.


Please do not answer how to manipulate a PDF that is loaded in a web browser. The question is about running javascript from within a PDF document. I'm trying to explore the possibilities available via executing javascript in the PDF document. Specifically I may use functions from quickpdflibrary to add javascript functionality to existing documents.


Another useful link is Developing with Acrobat Javascript. Apparently js in PDFs is frequently called AcroJS or Acrobat JavaScript.



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