PhoneGap external hosts wildcard

I'm using a js library inside a PhoneGap application for iPhone. I don't know what other external sites my js library contacts, so I need a way of whitelisting all connections, just for testing. How do I do that?

My app just silently fails, it doesn't continue from where the library is initiated. (when I run the app in a browser it works perfectly)



Try setting the value of the ExternalHosts property in Phonegap.plist to *


i think you need to add the domain names to PhoneGap.plist file or Cordova.plist.

And your App is running fine in browser. So in Browser source-code you can check-out for the external links present in your code.

Which ever file you want to access/link through internet, that server domain you need to add in plist file. suppose i have added jquery like this

<link rel="stylesheet" href="">
<script src=""></script>

now i need to add in PhoneGap.plist-> ExternalHosts array as string.


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