Regex to replace everything except numbers and a decimal point

I have a text field that needs to remain only text or decimal. Here is the code that I'm currently using to replace everything except numbers and a decimal point. Issue is, I can't figure out a regex that will identify everything else

document.getElementById(target).value = newVal.replace(/\D[^\.]/g, "");

The \D works fine, but I've tried (?!.), (?!\.), [^.], [^\.] and so on...

Any suggestions for a regular expression that identifies positively with anything except a number or a decimal?

Thanks for the help



Use this:

document.getElementById(target).value = newVal.replace(/[^0-9.]/g, "");

Check the link Regular Expression Demo

use the below reg exp

[a-z] + [^0-9\s.]+|.(?!\d)


Removing only decimal part can be done as follows:


This would convert 13.6667px into 13px (leaving units px untouched).


Try this:

document.getElementById(target).value = newVal.replace(/^\d+(\.\d{0,2})?$/, "");


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