How to check if input date is equal to today's date?

I have a form input with an id of 'date_trans'. The format for that date input (which is validated server side) can be any of:

  • dd/mm/yyyy
  • dd-mm-yyyy
  • yyyy-mm-dd
  • yyyy/mm/dd

However, before posting the form, I'd like to check if the date_trans field has a date that is equal to today's date. Its ok if the date taken is the client's date (i.e. it uses js), since I run a double check on the server as well.

I'm totally lost on how to do the date comparrison in jQuery or just plain old javascript. If it helps, I am using the jquery datepicker



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A simple date comparison in pure JS should be sufficient:

// Create date from input value
var inputDate = new Date("11/21/2011");

// Get today's date
var todaysDate = new Date();

// call setHours to take the time out of the comparison
if(inputDate.setHours(0,0,0,0) == todaysDate.setHours(0,0,0,0)) {
    // Date equals today's date

Here's a working JSFiddle.


for completeness, taken from this solution:

You could use toDateString:

var today = new Date();
var isToday = (today.toDateString() == otherDate.toDateString());

no library dependencies, and looking cleaner than the 'setHours()' approach shown in a previous answer, imho


Try using moment.js

moment('dd/mm/yyyy').isSame(, 'day');

You can replace 'day' string with 'year, month, minute' if you want.


Just use the following code in your javaScript:

if(new Date(hireDate).getTime() > new Date().getTime())
//Date greater than today's date 

Change the condition according to your requirement.Here is one link for comparision compare in java script

TodayDate = new Date();
if (TodayDate > AnotherDate) {} else{}

< = also works, Although with =, it might have to match the milliseconds.


There is a simpler solution

if (inputDate.getDate() === todayDate.getDate()) {
   // do stuff

like that you don't loose the time attached to inputDate if any

function sameDay( d1, d2 ){
  return d1.getUTCFullYear() == d2.getUTCFullYear() &&
         d1.getUTCMonth() == d2.getUTCMonth() &&
         d1.getUTCDate() == d2.getUTCDate();

if (sameDay( new Date(userString), new Date)){
  // ...

Using the UTC* methods ensures that two equivalent days in different timezones matching the same global day are the same. (Not necessary if you're parsing both dates directly, but a good thing to think about.)


The following solution compares the timestamp integer divided by the values of hours, minutes, seconds, millis.

var reducedToDay = function(date){return ~~(date.getTime()/(1000*60*60*24));};
return reducedToDay(date1) == reducedToDay(date2)

The tilde truncs the division result (see this article about integer division)


Date.js is a handy library for manipulating and formatting dates. It can help in this situation.


The Best way and recommended way of comparing date in typescript is:

var today = new Date().getTime();
var reqDateVar = new Date(somedate).getTime();

if(today === reqDateVar){
 // NOW
} else {
 // Some other time


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