Nested filtering with Angular.js version 1.2.18

I'm experimenting with AngularJS for the first time. I do repeat a template based on JSON data, which here is a sample:

$scope.users = [
    {name: 'first user', status: {name: 'employee'}},
    {name: 'second user', status: {name: 'freelancer'}},
    {name: 'third user', status: {name: 'employee'}},

This works fine:

<p ng-repeat="user in users">{{}}</p>

Now I want to prefilter the users displayed. Works fine, too:

<p ng-repeat="user in users | filter:{status: 'employee'}">{{}}</p>

But when I want to filter on the basis of JSON data within a nested object ( instead of status), it does not work anymore!

<p ng-repeat="user in users | filter:{ 'employee'}">{{}}</p>

I'm using AngularJS 1.2.18. If I use an older version, like AngularJS 1.2.0-rc.3, it works again.

I can't find any information in the documentation about that behaviour. Is there a new syntax or is the feature just not implemented anymore?



It's a breaking change introduces in AngularJS 1.2.11. It has been decided to not mark it as such, because it was not a tested nor a documented behaviour.

Since this release, myObject | filter:{'key.subkey':'search'} will search the string search into myObject['key.subkey'] and no more in myObject['key']['subkey'].

A new syntax was introduced in AngularJS 1.2.13, which seems to me more natural, to search in nested object: myObject | filter:{key : {subkey : 'search'}}. That's the solution you're looking for.

<p ng-repeat="user in users | filter:{status : {name: 'employee'}}">{{}}</p>


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