Apply Multiple filter in odoo at a time

Currently I am using odoov8, my problem is that I have created many filters from xml code as per my requirement and all are working fine ,but I can select only one filter at a time .

so for example I want to apply any 3 Filters in tree view , then I need to select first one , then system loads the data , then I select 2nd and then 3rd filter , so system is loading after applying each filter .

I want to achieve that if I can select all my filters at once and then I can apply search , so system loads after I apply for search , no matter how much time it taking but I should not require to search single filter .

so is there any custom module or way from which I can achieve this .

Thanks in advance .



I am not aware of any module that implements this.

This functionality already exists on the Advanced Search, you add conditions and then click Apply you can take a look at the corresponding widget and copy functionality.

What you need to do is modify the javascript so that upon the clicking of a filter it should be added on the oe_searchview view but the search_read method will not be invoked. You need to start the modifications from widget and specifically from the search_change method which is invoked every time you click on the filters.


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