Browser cache images served from Dropbox

I'm writing an application that uses Dropbox as the source of image files which are loaded via javascript by assigning img.src = "[Dropbox download link]". This works fine, but I'm often fetching many files at a time, and when re-loading a set of images (say, on a page reload), the browser re-sends a request for each one (which returns 304 not modified). I'd like to have the browser cache the image on the initial load so I can simply avoid the re-requests altogether, but can't figure out how to enable browser caching of these images. Can I set cache headers in this situation? The response headers from Dropbox have "cache-control" set to "no-cache".



You might be able to use HTML5's application cache. But I'm pretty sure you wont be able to serve the manifest file from dropbox either.


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