Get timezone abbreviation using offset value

Using moment.js (with moment-timezone), I want to get the timezone abbreviation (e.g. PST) for the current locale.

var now =; // 1423254073931
var zone = moment(now).zone(); // 480
var timezone = 

How do I get the timezone abbreviation? All of the examples I have seen in the docs and elsewhere pick a specific region like "America/New_York".

From the docs, it looks like I can get the information out of the Zone Object with zone.abbr(timestamp) but I'm not sure how to access the zone object.




The title and the question are different. In the title, you ask how to get it using the offset - which would not be possible. There are many time zones that share the same offset, so it isn't possible to distinguish a time zone abbreviation from an offset alone.

But in the question, you asked how to get the abbreviation for the current locale, for a specific timestamp.

The general problem is, there is no fully-reliable way to detect the current time zone. This is discussed in this answer. So moment-timezone can't deterministically tell which time zone should be loaded by default.

There are some other options available though.

  • In some browsers, the ECMAScript Internationalization API extensions are supported on the toLocaleString function of the Date object. When supported, you can do this (without moment):

    var d = new Date(); // or whatever date you have
    var tzName = d.toLocaleString('en', {timeZoneName:'short'}).split(' ').pop();

    In supported browsers, you'll get a value like "EST". You might want to do some sort of tests though, because it won't work in all browsers.

  • You could use a script like jsTimeZoneDetect to guess at the local time zone. It's usually correct, but not guaranteed. You could then pass that value to moment-timezone.

    var tzName = jstz.determine().name();
    var m = moment();
    var abbr =;  // or .format('z')
  • There is also now built-in support for time zone detection/guessing in moment-timezone:

    var tzName =;
    var abbr =;  // or .format('z')

Latest build of moment.js would give you timezone guess: PR#220 for example:; will result in 'America/New_York'


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