JavaScript: get code to run every minute

Is there a way to make some JS code be executed every 60 seconds? I'm thinking it might be possible with a while loop, but is there a neater solution? JQuery welcome, as always.



Using setInterval:

setInterval(function() {
    // your code goes here...
}, 60 * 1000); // 60 * 1000 milsec

The function returns an id you can clear your interval with clearInterval:

var timerID = setInterval(function() {
    // your code goes here...
}, 60 * 1000); 

clearInterval(timerID); // The setInterval it cleared and doesn't run anymore.

A "sister" function is setTimeout/clearTimeout look them up.

If you want to run a function on page init and then 60 seconds after, 120 sec after, ...:

function fn60sec() {
    // runs every 60 sec and runs on init.
setInterval(fn60sec, 60*1000);

You could use setInterval for this.

<script type="text/javascript">
function myFunction () {

var interval = setInterval(function () { myFunction(); }, 60000);

Disable the timer by setting clearInterval(interval).

See this Fiddle:


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