How do I make a <div> move up and down when I'm scrolling the page?

How can I make a div element move up and down the page when the user is scrolling the page? (where that element is always visible)



You want to apply the fixed property to the position style of the element.

position: fixed;

What browser are you working with? Not all browsers support the fixed property. Read more about who supports it, who doesn't and some work around here


Just for a more animated and cute solution:

  $("#div").stop().animate({"marginTop": ($(window).scrollTop()) + "px", "marginLeft":($(window).scrollLeft()) + "px"}, "slow" );

And a pen for those who want to see:, and fork:

Update: and a non-animated jQuery solution:

  $("#div").css({"margin-top": ($(window).scrollTop()) + "px", "margin-left":($(window).scrollLeft()) + "px"});

using position:fixed alone is just fine when you don't have a header or logo at the top of your page. This solution will take into account the how far the window has scrolled, and moves the div when you scrolled past your header. It will then lock it back into place when you get to the top again.

if($(window).scrollTop() > Height_of_Header){
    //begin to scroll
    //lock it back into place

Here is the Jquery Code

$(document).ready(function () {
     var el = $('#Container');
        var originalelpos = el.offset().top; // take it where it originally is on the page

        //run on scroll
        $(window).scroll(function () {
            var el = $('#Container'); // important! (local)
            var elpos = el.offset().top; // take current situation
            var windowpos = $(window).scrollTop();
            var finaldestination = windowpos + originalelpos;
            el.stop().animate({ 'top': finaldestination }, 1000);

Just add position: fixed; in your div style.

I have checked and Its working fine in my code.


You might want to check out Remy Sharp's recent article on fixed floating elements at jQuery for Designers, which has a nice video and writeup on how to apply this effect in client script


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