Encoding Javascript Object to Json string

I want to encode a Javascript object into a JSON string and I am having considerable difficulties.

The Object looks something like this

new_tweets[k]['tweet_id'] = 98745521;
new_tweets[k]['user_id'] = 54875;       
new_tweets[k]['data']['in_reply_to_screen_name'] = "other_user";
new_tweets[k]['data']['text'] = "tweet text";

I want to get this into a JSON string to put it into an ajax request.

{'k':{'tweet_id':98745521,'user_id':54875, 'data':{...}}}

you get the picture. No matter what I do, it just doesn't work. All the JSON encoders like json2 and such produce


Well, that does not help me. Basically I would like to have something like the php encodejson function.



Unless the variable k is defined, that's probably what's causing your trouble. Something like this will do what you want:

var new_tweets = { };

new_tweets.k = { };

new_tweets.k.tweet_id = 98745521;
new_tweets.k.user_id = 54875;

new_tweets.k.data = { };

new_tweets.k.data.in_reply_to_screen_name = 'other_user';
new_tweets.k.data.text = 'tweet text';

// Will create the JSON string you're looking for.
var json = JSON.stringify(new_tweets);

You can also do it all at once:

var new_tweets = {
  k: {
    tweet_id: 98745521,
    user_id: 54875,
    data: {
      in_reply_to_screen_name: 'other_user',
      text: 'tweet_text'

You can use JSON.stringify like:



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