Set focus and cursor to end of text input field / string w. Jquery [duplicate]

I have the following function that adds a selector to a search input as an advanced option, just like stack overflows advanced search.

When you click what you are searching for it adds a prefix. See Jquery below:

$(document).ready(function () {

        $("table#advanced_search_options tr").click(function () {
            var SearchSelection = $(this).children("td:last-of-type").html();
            var SearchInput = $('#Search');
            SearchInput.val(SearchInput.val() + SearchSelection);
            return false;

How can I manipulate the above to also bring focus to the #search input, placing the carrot (the blinking text insert cursor) to the end of the inserted text/value? eg.

HC: <-- The added value to my search input, I would like to set the cursor here, right after the :



You can do this using Input.setSelectionRange, part of the Range API for interacting with text selections and the text cursor:

var searchInput = $('#Search');

// Multiply by 2 to ensure the cursor always ends up at the end;
// Opera sometimes sees a carriage return as 2 characters.
var strLength = searchInput.val().length * 2;

searchInput[0].setSelectionRange(strLength, strLength);

Demo: Fiddle


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