How do I set default value of select box in angularjs

I have a form that is used to edit a object and I can't select a value in the select box.

I have a json array which represents the to be edited and look like this:

       $scope.item = [{
    "objectID": "76",
    "versionID": "0",
    "versionName": "CURRENT",
    "objectName": "xyz",

now I am at the same time populating a select box from another json array that looks like this:

$scope.versions = [{
    "id": "0",
    "description": "CURRENT",
    "name": "CURRENT"
    "id": "114",
    "description": "description of Version 2",
    "name": "version2"
    "id": "126",
    "description": "description of Version 3",
    "name": "version3"
    "id": "149",
    "description": "description of Version 4",
    "name": "version4"

inside my webpage I am creating the select box as follows:

Version:<select ng-model="item.versionID" ng-selected="item.versionID" ng-options=" for version in versions" required>

the select box is populating for me but it should be selecting the the value that matches the version in item. I have tried both versionID and versionName, I have even tried setting ng-selected="0" and that doesn't even work.

I have looked here on SO, the Angularjs site and googled and gone through countless tutorials but still having issues with this. I just can't seem to see what the issue is so any Help greatly appreciated

JSFiddle Added

Added a JsFiddle here



You can simple use ng-init like this

<select ng-init="somethingHere = options[0]" ng-model="somethingHere" ng-options=" for option in options"></select>

It doesn't set the default value because your model isn't bound to the id or name properties, it's bound to each version object. Try setting the versionID to one of the objects and it should work, ie $scope.item.versionID = $scope.versions[2];

If you want to set by the id property then you need to add the select as syntax:

ng-options=" as for version in versions"


You can just append

track by

to your ng-options.


After searching and trying multiple non working options to get my select default option working. I find a clean solution at:

<select class="ajg-stereo-fader-input-name ajg-select-left"  ng-options=" for option in selectOptions" ng-model="inputLeft"></select>
<select class="ajg-stereo-fader-input-name ajg-select-right" ng-options=" for option in selectOptions" ng-model="inputRight"></select>

 scope.inputLeft =  scope.selectOptions[0];
 scope.inputRight = scope.selectOptions[1];

As per the docs select, the following piece of code worked for me.

<div ng-controller="ExampleController">
<form name="myForm">
<label for="mySelect">Make a choice:</label>
<select name="mySelect" id="mySelect"
  ng-options=" for option in data.availableOptions track by"
<tt>option = {{data.selectedOption}}</tt><br/>
  <select ng-model="selectedCar" ><option ng-repeat="car in cars "  value="{{car.model}}">{{car.model}}</option></select>
<script>var app = angular.module('myApp', []);app.controller('myCtrl', function($scope) { $ = [{model : "Ford Mustang", color : "red"}, {model : "Fiat 500", color : "white"},{model : "Volvo XC90", color : "black"}];
$scope.selectedCar=$[0].model ;});

if you don't even want to initialize ng-model to a static value and each value is DB driven, it can be done in the following way. Angular compares the evaluated value and populates the drop down.

Here below modelData.unitId is retrieved from DB and is compared to the list of unit id which is a separate list from db-

 <select id="uomList" ng-init="modelData.unitId"
                         ng-model="modelData.unitId" ng-options=" as unitOfMeasurement.unitName for unitOfMeasurement in unitOfMeasurements">


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