“getElementById not a function” when trying to parse an AJAX response?

I'm running GM_xmlhttpRequest (in a Greasemonkey script) and storing the responseText into a newly created HTML element:

var responseHTML = document.createElement('HTML');
onload: function() { responseHTML.innerHTML = response.responseText; }

And then I am trying to find an element in responseHTML:


The first works fine, but not the second. Any ideas?



getElementById is not a method of HTML elements. It is a method of the document node. As such you can't do:

div.getElementById('foo'); // invalid code

You can implement your own function to search the DOM by recursively going through children. On newer browsers you can even use the querySelector method. For minimal development you can use libraries like jQuery or sizzle.js (the query engine behind jQuery).


Use DOMParser() to convert responseText into a searchable DOM tree.
Also, your attempts to search/use anything derived from responseText, must occur inside the onload function.

Use code like this:

GM_xmlhttpRequest ( {
    onload:     parseAJAX_ResponseHTML,
} );

function parseAJAX_ResponseHTML (respObject) {
    var parser      = new DOMParser ();
    var responseDoc = parser.parseFromString (respObject.responseText, "text/html");

    console.log (responseDoc.getElementsByTagName('div'));
    console.log (responseDoc.getElementById('result_0'));

Of course, also verify that a node with id result_0 is actually in the returned HTML. (Using Firebug, Wireshark, etc.)


There is no need to store the response in an element neither use DOMParser()

Just set the responseType to 'document' and the response will be parsed automatically and stored in the responseXML


var ajax = new XMLHttpRequest();
ajax.responseType = 'document';
ajax.onload = function(){
    console.log(ajax.responseXML); //And this is a document which may execute getElementById


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