Does Internet Explorer 11 support Multi-Touch?

I am working on a multi-touch drawing application which works great in Chrome and Firefox, but I can't get anything from Microsoft as far as a straight forward answer goes as to whether or not multi-touch (ie: event.touches) is supported in Internet Explorer 11.

Right now a code snip that works in other browsers is as follows:

window.addEventListener("touchstart", onTouchStart, true);

function onTouchStart(event) {

In chrome it will print out the number of touches, but I get nothing in Internet Explorer. If anyone knows if this is a problem with IE I would be appreciative.




IE has different way to do it: W3C Pointer Events

p.s.: if you simply want to test for multi-touch support, use navigator.msMaxTouchPoints.

if (navigator.msMaxTouchPoints > 1) { ... }


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