Is it possible to add an image to a cell Table in Ant Design Tables?

I am trying to create a column that in his entries will include a small picture and a name. How can I do so using Ant Design's table? I can't seem to find anything related in the docs or the examples.



If you were using the table in a similar way as to the examples shown in their docs.(Using a datasource array)

You could do something like this

const columns = [
    title: '',
    dataIndex: 'image_URL_here',
    render:  () => <img src={`image_URL_here`} />

There is a mistake in the accepted answer , here how you do it

      title: "Image",
      dataIndex: "ImageURL",  // this is the value that is parsed from the DB / server side
      render: theImageURL => <img alt={theImageURL} src={theImageURL} />  // 'theImageURL' is the variable you must declare in order the render the URL

You need to declare theImageURL and then use it with the alt and src.


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