Using Python to Automatically Login to a Website with a JavaScript Form

I'm attempting to write a particular script that logs into a website. This specific website contains a Javascript form so I had little to no luck by making use of "mechanize".

I'm curious if there exist other solutions that I may be unaware of that would help me in my situation. If this particular question or some related variant has been asked here before, please excuse me, and I would prefer the link to this particular query. Otherwise, what are some common techniques/approaches for dealing with this issue?




I've recently been using PhantomJS for this kind of work - it's a command-line tool that allows you to run Javascript in a browser environment (based on Webkit). This allows you to do scraping and online interactions that require Javascript-enabled interfaces. There's a Python-based implementation here that's fully compatible with the API of the C++ version, or you could run either version in Python via subprocess.

Depending on what you're trying to do, another good option might be to use Selenium, which has client driver implementation in Python - it's meant for integration testing, but can do a lot of automation as long as you're okay running the Java-based Selenium Server and having the automation happen in an open browser rather than as a background process.


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