How to achieve that “ui-sref” be conditionally executed?

I want to validate certain condition before the browser follow the link dynamically created by ui-router.

I was looking into $rootscope.$on('$stateChangeStart', ..) but I have no access to the controller.$scope from there. I also need to use this in several places in the application and would be cumbersome.

Keep in mind that ui-sref is linked to ui-sref-active (work together), so i can't remove ui-sref and, by say, to use $state.$go('some-state') inside a function called with ng-click.

The condition should be evaluated inside a $scope function and on on-click event (before-transition with the ability to cancel it)

I need something like this:

<li ui-sref-active="active">
      <a ui-sref="somestate" ui-sref-if="model.validate()">Go Somestate</a>

I tried:

<li ui-sref-active="active">
      <a ui-sref="somestate" ng-click="$event.preventDefault()">Go Somestate</a>

<li ui-sref-active="active">
      <a ui-sref="somestate" ng-click="$event.stopImmediatePropagation()">Go Somestate</a>


<li ui-sref-active="active">
    <a ui-sref="somestate">
       <span ng-click="$event.stopPropagation();">Go Somestate</span>


<li ui-sref-active="active">
      <a ui-sref="somestate" onclick="return false;">Go Somestate</a>

But does not work.




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