Disable scrolling when touch moving certain element

I have a page with a section to sketch a drawing in. But the touchmove events, at least the vertical ones, are also scrolling the page (which degrades the sketching experience) when using it on a mobile browser. Is there a way to either a) disable & re-enable the scrolling of the page (so I can turn it off when each line is started, but turn it back on after each is done), or b) disable the default handling of touchmove events (and presumably the scrolling) that go to the canvas the sketch is drawn in (I can't just disable them completely, as the sketching uses them)?

I've used jquery-mobile vmouse handlers for the sketch, if that makes a difference.

Update: On an iPhone, if I select the canvas to be sketched in, or just hold my finger for a bit before drawing, the page doesn't scroll, and not because of anything I coded in the page.



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