HTML5 Video buffered attribute features

I am designing a custom HTML5 video player. Thus, it will have its own custom slider to mimic the video progress, so I need to understand the entire buffering shebang of a HTML5 video.

I came across this article: Video Buffering. It says that the buffered object consists of several time ranges in linear order of start time. But I couldn't find out the following:

  1. Say the video starts. It continues upto 1:45 on its own (occasionally stalling perhaps, waiting for further data), after which I suddenly jump to 32:45. Now after some time, if I jump back to 1:27 (within the time range initially loaded and played through, before I made the jump), will it start playing immediately as it was already loaded before? Or is it that since I made a jump, that portion is lost and will have to be fetched again? Either way, is the behavior consistent for all such scenarios?

  2. Say I make 5 or 6 such jumps, each time waiting for a few seconds for some data to load after the jump. Does that mean the buffered object will have all those time ranges stored? Or might some get lost? Is it a stack kind of thing, where the earlier ranges will get popped off as more ranges get loaded due to further jumps?

  3. Will checking whether the buffered object has one time range starting at 0 (forget live streaming) and ending at the video duration length ensure that the entire video resource has been loaded fully? If not, is there some way to know that the entire video has been downloaded, and any portion is seekable, from which video can play continuously upto end without a moment's delay?

The W3C specs are not very clear on this, and I also can't find a suitably large (say more than an hour) remote video resource to test.



This is just a variation of this excellent answer

I only made it work without any work required and added few perks. Everything is automatic.

  • currently intended for full-screen video playback such as netflix or hbogo
  • automatically creates the canvas
  • auto-updates width to 100% viewport width
  • works as a bookmarklet
  • does not obstruct the view much (transparent, 2px tall)

enter image description here

function prepare() {

    _v = $('video')[0];
            position: absolute;
            bottom: 0;
            left: 0;
            opacity: 0.4;

    _c = WowSuchName
    _cx = _c.getContext('2d');

    window.addEventListener('resize', resizeCanvas, false);

    function resizeCanvas() {
        _c.width = window.innerWidth;

/// buffer viewer loop (updates about every 2nd frame)
function loop() {
    if (!window.WowSuchName) { prepare(); }

    var b = _v.buffered,  /// get buffer object
        i = b.length,     /// counter for loop
        w = _c.width,     /// cache canvas width and height
        h = _c.height,
        vl = _v.duration, /// total video duration in seconds
        x1, x2;           /// buffer segment mark positions

    /// clear canvas
    _cx.clearRect(0, 0, w, h);

    /// color for loaded buffer(s)
    _cx.fillStyle = '#888';

    /// iterate through buffers
    while (i--) {
        x1 = b.start(i) / vl * w;
        x2 = b.end(i) / vl * w;
        _cx.fillRect(x1, 0, x2 - x1, h);

    /// draw cursor for position
    _cx.fillStyle = '#fff';
    x1 = _v.currentTime / vl * w;
    _cx.fillRect(x1-1, 0, 2, h);

    setTimeout(loop, 29);


And the code for bookmarklet is here



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