Sending a MediaStream to host Server with WebRTC after it is captured by getUserMedia

I am capturing audio data using getUserMedia() and I want to send it to my server so I can save it as a Blob in a MySQL field.

This is all I am trying to do. I have made several attempts to do this using WebRTC, but I don't even know at this point if this is right or even the best way to do this.

Can anybody help me?

Here is the code I am using to capture audio from the microphone:


    // output mediaStream to speakers:
    var mediaStreamSource=audioContext.createMediaStreamSource(mediaStream);

    // send mediaStream to server:

    // WebRTC code? not sure about this...
    var RTCconfig={};
    var conn=new RTCPeerConnection(RTCconfig);

    // ???

    console.log('getUserMedia() fail.');

How can I send this mediaStream up to the server?

After Googling around I've been looking into WebRTC, but this seems to be for just peer to peer communication - actually, now I'm looking into this more, I think this is the way to go. It seems to be the way to communicate from the client's browser up to the host webserver, but nothing I try even comes close to working.

I've been going through the W3C documentation (which I am finding way too abstract), and I've been going thru this article on HTML5 Rocks (which is bringing up more questions than answers). Apparently I need a signalling method, can anyone advise which signalling method is best for sending mediaStreams, XHR, XMPP, SIP, or something else?

What will I need on the server to support the receiving of WebRTC? My web server is running a basic LAMP stack.

Also, is it best to wait until the mediaStream is finished recording before I send it up to the server, or is it better to send the mediaStream as its being recorded? I want to know if I am going about doing this the right way. I have written file uploaders in javascript and HTML5, but uploading one of these mediaStreams seems hellishly more complicated and I'm not sure if I am approaching it right.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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