Skype for business URI instead of Skype

As we have the option of opening links in skype by just providing the URI:


Can we do something similar to achieve the same functionality but it opens in Skype for Business? Kindly let me know.




Found a solution for this after a lot of research. Best alternative to work with Skype for Business:

sip:<[email protected]>

This would open the chat window for the user and the user can do whatever they want from there.


Command-Line Parameters

tel: | Opens the Conversation window for an audio call but does not dial the specified number.

callto: | Opens the Conversation window for an audio call but does not dial the specified number.

sip: | Opens the Conversation window with the specified SIP Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) in the participant list.

Sips: | If Lync 2013 is configured to use the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol, functions exactly like sip:. If TLS is not being used, displays a dialog box informing the user that a higher level of security is required.

conf: | If URI is self, instantiates the focus and brings up roster-only view. Otherwise, brings up roster view but does not send INVITE.

im: | Displays an instant messaging (IM)-only Conversation window with the SIP URI. Accepts multiple SIP URIs specified inside angle brackets (<>) without any separator.


Tel:+14255550101 | Opens a phone-only view with +14255550101.

Callto:tel:+14255550101 | Opens a phone-only view with +14255550101.

Callto:sip:[email protected] | Opens a phone-only view with [email protected]

sip:[email protected] | Opens a Conversation window with azu[email protected]

conf:sip: | Opens a Conversation window and displays meeting audio join options.

More information:


Maybe useful for someone: This is how to use skype for business to get to skype users via O365 (external communications to skype network needs to be specifically allowed)

<a href="sip:[email protected]">Say hello</a>

you can start a call or IM with Skype for Business, but you need to use the full URI, like

im:sip:[email protected]

if you just use the ID it will tell you that the contact does not exists, so this will not work:


Best Regards from Argentina, Marianok


If you use angular to dynamically call this try adding below to make sure it is not blocked

var app = angular.module( 'myApp', [] )
.config( [
    function( $compileProvider )
        // Angular before v1.2 uses $compileProvider.urlSanitizationWhitelist(...)

and then call

<a href="sip:[email protected]">Say hello</a>

I wasn't able to make it working with sip: but it works with sips:

<a href="sips:[email protected]">Open Skype Business</a>

From MSDN documentation:

Skype for Business Mobile URIs to initiate calls and chats using the Skype for Business mobile clients from websites and other apps.

General Syntax

"ms-sfb://" [operation] ["?" query ]


Start a chat

"ms-sfb://[email protected]"

Start a call

"ms-sfb://[email protected]"

Start a video call (Android only):

"ms-sfb://[email protected]&video=true"

Yes, you can use lync15: instead of skype:

At least it opens Skype for Business... I'm still looking how to start chat - call - video call like for Skype Nothing in documentation, really annoying...

We are working on the same thing the same day :D


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